Join F.i.T.

Fitness Inspiration Together

A Facebook group for support & motivation in achieving personal health & fitness goals.

Members of Devine Impact’s F.I.T. Facebook Group have access to a community of like-minded folks for motivation AND Danielle will also:
  • Host Live workouts
  • Have monetary accountability challenges
  • Provide at home exercises & answer member questions
  • Run raffles, special offers, and more just for group members.

Use this uplifting community to discuss your own journey. Share your victories and also your struggles, the goals you want to be held accountable to, even recipes or routine changes that have made your health goals more attainable. We have to put in the work individually, but we can make it more fun together!

Thank you for requesting you join.  You will receive an e-mail within the next 24 hours with the group link, be sure to check your spam box.